Is your next-door SME scaling up?

The success story of Fine Food Group looks different from the glitzy high-tech start-ups featured in business magazines or in investment blogs. The OECD report Understanding Firm Growth: Helping SMEs Scale Up shows that its storyis nonetheless much more representative of a typical scaler than that of a high-tech start-up.

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Empowering SMEs to drive a digital recovery

Es are the beating heart of the global economy. In Europe alone, there are 24 million small businesses, employing a total of 95 million people and generating €4 trillion a year. And yet, SMEs  are still behind their larger counterparts in the integration of the digital tools that they need to increase productivity, scale-up and innovate.

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“Open for business?” How to create opportunities in entrepreneurship for everyone

Not everyone has an equal opportunity to transform their ideas into a business. There could be an additional 9 million people starting and managing new business in the European Union (EU) – and 35 million across OECD countries – if everyone was as active in business creation as core age men (30-49 years old). David

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Lightening the load: How to understand and reduce SMEs debt burden

COVID-19 has triggered an economic shock like no other in living memory. Social distancing and trading restrictions hit small businesses particularly hard, with many seeing revenues evaporate overnight: nearly half of small firms reported a reduction in sales of over 40% at the height of the first wave in May 2020, according to one survey.

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Can office conversion help solve the housing crisis in cities?

The rise of remote working during the COVID-19 crisis significantly reduced activity in cities’ business districts, renewing policy makers’ interest in turning underused office buildings into much needed residential housing in cities. This creates a unique window of opportunity to shape more sustainable and inclusive urban development.

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