México necesita fortalecer sus ciudades para recuperarse de los efectos de la pandemia del COVID-19

México es uno de los países más urbanizados de América Latina y la OCDE. Con la población urbana que se ha duplicado en las últimas tres décadas, hoy en día, cuatro de cada cinco mexicanos viven en una ciudad. Las áreas urbanas generan casi el 90% del PIB en México y representan el 83% de la fuerza laboral formal.

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Mayors Champion Strategies For Green, Inclusive and Thriving Cities Post COVID-19

The OECD launched the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative in March 2016 in response to the growing gap between the rich and poor. This initiative has helped governments assess inequality, living standards and broader well-being, and design policy packages that promote equity and growth.

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Navigating the Crisis: Think small first to build back better

A year ago, entrepreneurs and small business owners found themselves in unchartered waters. Faced with unprecedented restrictions on their activity, the pandemic forced many to close their businesses and turn to governments for support for the first time. Early hopes of a swift recovery after lockdowns were lifted quickly proved to be a false dawn when the pandemic returned in second and third waves. Some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs were able to adapt and seize new opportunities…

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Supporting SMEs to embrace Corporate Purpose and ‘build-back-better’

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, many companies are seeking to redefine themselves around both ESG and Corporate Social Purpose. They are taking on a new role as a positive, proactive force in tackling societal challenges, leading the drive to net zero and championing sustainability.

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Pressing the digital accelerator: Small firms racing to upgrade

As communities around the world once again retreat into confinement, for many it will no doubt feel like heading in reverse. However, if you peek beneath the bonnet – as the latest OECD report does – we can find much is changing. While the virus rages outside, our economic engine is being remade: with digital drive.

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How can cities get transport and cycling right to ensure a sustainable COVID-19 recovery?

COVID-19 stigmatised public transport as unable to preserve physical distancing and therefore health. Although some studies suggest the probability of becoming infected while using public transport is lower than in other closed spaces, many people are still staying away from buses, trains and subways.

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