man in black crew neck t shirt sitting beside woman in gray crew neck t shirt

Navigating the Crisis: Think small first to build back better

A year ago, entrepreneurs and small business owners found themselves in unchartered waters. Faced with unprecedented restrictions on their activity, the pandemic forced many to close their businesses and turn to governments for support for the first time. Early hopes of a swift recovery after lockdowns were lifted quickly proved to be a false dawn when the pandemic returned in second and third waves. Some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs were able to adapt and seize new opportunities…

It is our responsibility to make the future inclusive and sustainable

Will all workers be displaced by machines? As history has shown, some jobs are destroyed and others are created. The future lies in closer collaboration between humans and machines. In this context, a new generation of entrepreneurs is ongoing, innovative and tied to strong values. Conscious by our planet’s situation, having grown up in a world punctuated by crisis, they have decided to act and create startups that have social and environmental positive impact.