what do you see? by Yasmin Morais

from wherever you are now
look behind
at the systems the rules the binaries
that previously defined us
the beliefs the buildings the excuses
that confined us
the world that gave us no other option
than the adoption of it as it was
the horizon unimagined
from wherever you are now
look inside
into what brought you here
your fears your desires
leaving the world worse
than you found it
using your power
to ground it
from wherever you are now
look ahead
what do you see?
I see
the flourishing
of tiny seeds we planted long ago
the remnants
of greed we decided to let go
the beauty
of life built from below
I see
innovation that goes beyond smartphones
imagination turning into reality
where power is shifted
towards us
and the systems rules binaries beliefs buildings excuses
that once confined us
are broken down and we’re finally
lifted up

by Yasmin Morais